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There is an amazing new method to improve your singing skills and break out of that plateau!

Becoming a better singer, from the comfort of your own place

Hi, everyone, welcome to my review for Superior Singin Method (SSM). An all HD video program that teaches you how to sing and improve your singing voice even if you were not born with the gift of singing, like me.

I knew it was important to write this review for Superior Singing Method because I keep finding more and more singers that invest so much time and money with scam teachers, or people who have no patience, and this method is really amazing, affordable, and you can practice anywhere, anytime.

The most impressive part, for me, was the fact that my singing voice, as well as my voice for speaking in public, improved a lot, and this was a great unexpected benefit.

Starting to sing

Since I was little, I was involved in music in school. Be it the choir, or the orchestra, I knew I enjoyed music and I wanted it in my life.

Actually, I had a great voice as a child, but as I grew up and hormones started to kick in, my voice changed and became flaky.

Once, in a solo moment that I had, my voice shook and I became severely embarrassed. No one really mentioned it, and people were really cool about it but, for me, it was the end of my pursuit of singing.

However, I used to enjoy singing on my own, or karaokes and people would encourage me to do more and more, but I didn’t know if I was ready.

Singin for me is:

  • Fun
  • Liberating
  • Therapeutic
  • Powerful
  • Self-expression

But I added all this pressure because I wanted to do it in front of others, then it became terrifying and tedious, and so I just kept my singing to myself.

Musical Theater

As I went on with high-school and university I joined the musical theater groups. In those companies, I had some amazing teachers and some others that were just plain rude and mean.

It seemed to me that they were deeply frustrated with their current position and so they behaved horribly towards all of us. It is very easy to note the difference between constructive criticism and plain rudeness.

Still, I decided to make it through. However, through my journey, and those of others, I have found many things in common:

  • Teachers that hurt more than help
  • Fear on self-learning
  • Teachers that put more emphasis on the music and not in the body
  • Plateaus in education
  • Lack of diversity in learning programs

As I went on, looking for teachers, getting tips, reading books, etc. I did keep improving and I was actually getting hope that my singing voice would be even better than it was before.

To my surprise, it was! I improved a lot with traditional methods. However, as I was looking for something else, not more, just different, I kept on stumbling with the same old things and got fed up.

I had reached my plateau, and I needed to find a way out.

Finding Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method came to me through word of mouth. Since this method is so unique and different, many people don’t dare to try, and so it is not as popular as it should be.

Come to think of it “Pop art is not necessarily the best art”.

This one friend was in the same situation as I was, but he moved to New York and I stayed in Los Angeles.

One day, he called me to ask me if I knew about this guy called Aaron and his singing method. Apparently, some of his friends in New York had trained with him and they were doing quite well.

Of course, I didn’t, but I got myself to research and find out more. Read some reviews here and there and try to understand what was the fuzz all about.

Talk to the man

So, I found Aaron and all, but he was completely booked. However, he mentioned that he had his method documented in the video.

As someone who is running his own company, I immediately knew:

  • He is confident about his method
  • He is serious about his method
  • This guy is smart

See, someone who documents a method or a process is making it easier for everyone else to immediately learn and get up to speed.

Sharing knowledge is what makes this time and age so amazing. Also, in order for someone to document a method and share it with the world, he needs to make it easy to understand and accessible to others, even those whose first language is not English. I was sold.

Also, you know, good pricing, no waiting for deliveries, and money back guarantee. I decided to buy.

How does it work?

Basically, Aaron went THROUGH IT to get to where he is now in terms of vocal skills. His journey is full of hard work and dedication, and because he had to work harder than other people who, sorry Aaron, but can naturally achieve faster, he was able to understand each step.

One of his premises is to treat the singing as a physical activity because it is! And so, the focus given by Aaron makes more sense and the progression is amazing.

So, all the exercises are recorded in video, so then you can see, and compare yourself to what is going on.

The videos are short, concise, and well edited so that you get to it immediately and get to work from day one.

Listen, singing is a talent for some, but for most of us, it is actually a skill. Skills take time and practice to develop, let Superior Singing Method guide you through it.

Seeing results

So, after some days, I started noticing that:

  • My voice was less shaky
  • My pitch was better
  • My muscle memory worked better
  • I had more control over my breathing

Then, as I started getting more into it:

  • Hitting notes became more precise
  • My voice became more natural! (my favorite)

Now, I went with it for almost a year. There is no need, this method is thought so that you don’t become dependent on it, but I needed that extra mile. And my most memorable result (I already said my favorite) was that my range had expanded 1 octave!

Now, this may not seem much for many of you reading this review but, for me, someone who had such little confidence, it was unbelievable!

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Moving on

My training was amazing, and I went with it for almost a year. I had learned so much and it was time to move on.

One of my biggest fears, as a musician, was that this method would develop “bad habits” in my technique. However, when I started working with professionals and started receiving feedback, they all liked my technique!

Superior Singing Method is so natural and focused on your body, that it works more like a “natural” technique, rather than a limiting method that. Then, when you go to the real world, you need to unlearn things because they are no good.

I stopped watching the videos, yeah. But my technique is still heavily influenced by Aaron, and still giving amazing results.

Helping others

Because of the things that I learned through this method, I have become capable, not to teach, but to provide great advice and corrections to others who might be struggling.

It has become easier to identify where in the body, or the technique, is the problem, and how to correct it so we can have better results faster.

People may think that I am some sort of singing coach, but in reality, I just keep the Superior Singin Method in my mind and try to bring it to the world.

You do you

This method is reliable and easy to follow, so then, it allows you to not waste time on unnecessary research, or looking here and there. You have everything in one place.

This, also, opens a door to having time to do something else. In my case, I was able to work more in my interpretation and acting skills. I mean, it’s all well to be a good singer, but one also needs to allow emotions to come through.

Since I was already confident in my singing, because of Superior Singin Method, then I was able to improve in this other area of my life.

Singing Address By Scene Girl Concert Microphone

What makes it different?

This is a method that contains very powerful things that most musicians take for granted.

It is important to consciously work on your muscles and muscle memory outside singing. It is important to push and try other parts of your body that you didn’t even know could help you with that.

Being able to review your lessons from practically anywhere, and practice also anywhere (where you won’t disturb others) it’s amazing.

The fact that the method aims for your independence of it, meaning that, once you mastered it, you can move on and take it with you to your next challenge.

All of this provides an amazing development.

In conclusion

As I said in the beginning, “Popular art is not necessarily the best type of art”, sometimes, the things that most people do, might even be not as good.

Make your own way, learn from different sources, increase your skills, and start here.

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