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This review covers String Ninja, a comprehensive guide to help beginner guitar players in kick-starting their learning process. String Ninja is an extremely effective lesson pack, which takes learners through a step-by-step process ultimately turning them into an extremely impressive guitar player. With String Ninja, beginners can boost up their learning process and surprise everyone around them with their quickly developed skills.

Is learning the guitar one of your biggest dreams? How cool would it be for you to casually walk up the stage, and improvise a guitar lick in a group of musicians? The audience is certainly going to love you for such a contribution. Soon enough, you will be having your own unique musical persona in the eyes of the audience.

You might have seen Eric Clapton casually strumming his blues progressions. Or perhaps, you are a big fan of David Gilmour and his breathtaking electric guitar leads such as the one in ‘Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd’. One thing is common among all these legendary guitar players. That is: they feel the guitar as an extension of themselves. For these legends, the guitar has become more like a part of their body. And that is exactly what the goal of every new guitar learner should be.

I’d ask you to keep one thing in mind: learning the guitar can be a rocky road. Whether you wish to make a career out of it or you simply want to make it a hobby, you will need great determination.

But trust me! There is no feeling in the world better than being able to express your feelings in the form of music. Hence, the struggle is going to be extremely worth it.

Well whatever your motivation behind learning the guitar is, it is important to have the right teacher. A good guitar instructor could take you a long way from being a beginner to a professional level player.

From my experience, the motivation to learn the guitar further increases as one proceeds and sees appreciable results. However, if you end up choosing the wrong instructor then you are not likely to reach past a rookie level. And trust me, there are a dozen rookie guitar players out there. So if you want to stand out, you will need focused training and the right techniques. This will boost up your learning process.

What is the best way to learn the guitar?

When choosing an instructor for guitar, it is very common for music enthusiasts to get overwhelmed. This is because there is a wide range of options that are available out there. Most of these options are, however, quite expensive. Moreover, in case you end up with a wrong instructor, guitar learning could become extremely frustrating rather than being enjoyable.

I have personally seen that many new guitar learners lose their motivation after a week or two. This happens for a number of reasons. Firstly, new guitar players who lack a source of learning are not sure about the right techniques. Secondly, the use of wrong techniques takes them nowhere. On seeing no improvement at all in the playing capability, anyone would want to give up.

Moreover, a personal guitar instructor can cost you as much as $200 a month. If you join a music school instead, the tuition fee and transportation costs are going to add up to as much as $250 a month. After interviewing more than a dozen guitar players, we ended up with astonishing fact.

The fact is that most professional guitar players out there have invested a great deal of money in their training. Well, I consider it as a waste of resources for as long as there are a great number of cheaper alternatives present out there.

So in my view, the best training comes from online lessons for the following reasons:

  • The internet is easily accessible nowadays
  • Through the internet, students can learn at their own pace
  • Moreover, those guitar enthusiasts who have limited resources can still learn from the best instructors through the internet.
  • It saves you a great deal of money!

In the next section, I will discuss the only single source you need to be able to leave everyone’s jaw open with your impressive guitar playing skills.

What is the most recommended online guitar lesson pack for beginners?

By now I’m pretty sure you are convinced that online guitar lessons are your best source for learning the guitar. However, even on the internet, there are more than several dozen sources available. But don’t worry, as I’m here guide you the right way.

It took me several days to conduct extensive research over what was available on the internet. After surfing through countless reviews and a great number of websites, I have found just the right lesson pack for you!

String Ninja by, is by far the most beginner-friendly and valuable lesson pack that is available in the online marketplace today. And did I mention that it is extremely effective? Within a short period of time since its release, it has helped countless learners in developing some great guitar talent. At this point, most of these former learners will now be getting tons of cash or appreciating for their talent.

String Ninja: Guitar Made Easy

String Ninja lives up to a great reputation for a number of reasons:

  • It comes in great visual quality. This refers to high-resolution lesson videos, with great audio quality. You certainly won’t find such perfection in visual and audio quality in other guitar lessons.
  • After you buy it, you will remain assured that you are in safe hands. This is because the instructions are beyond awesome! They are friendly and of course, immensely talented at both teaching and playing.
  • It uses actual examples from your favorite songs, so that you may learn better. This will allow you to apply your knowledge of guitar in practical situations.
  • It is designed to bring fast improvement results in beginner guitar players. After all, there is a team of professional musicians behind the making. Hence, it is full of extremely helpful techniques that other lessons often skip.
  • Most importantly, it makes the guitar seem extremely easy. A lot of reviews by guitar players suggests that it Ninja boosted up their guitar learning process by three times.

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Unlike other guitar lessons out there, it does not engage learners in useless information in order to cover the lesson’s run-time. Without wasting any of your time, it will gradually take you through the basics leading you to higher learning levels.

So there is no doubt that String Ninja has become every learner’s favorite. For instance, take a look at this email:

A screenshot from the lesson pack's website, containing a note of appreciation from a satisfied customer.

While this lesson pack is going to take you through the ladder step by step, other lesson packs available on the internet are extremely complicated. In comparison to the ease with which String Ninja teaches, other lesson packs give nothing but hundreds of PDF pages and more than 30 hours of useless video footage.

Where to get String Ninja from?

NOTE: The only place where you can get this awesome guitar lesson pack, is:

Let me remind you, do not fall into the trap of fake products over the internet! For as long as you buy it from the official source, I can say that you are in safe hands. Often it happens that fake websites over the internet begin to copy the name of successful products. Beginners usually fall into the trap of being redirected to these fake websites, and it leaves them with nothing but regret. The products that they receive from such websites are not original and are of poor quality.

Now, you know where to get this lesson pack i.e from only. Simply go through the payment procedures on the original publisher’s website mentioned in this review. Once you have completed the payment process, you will be receiving an email containing the download details.

And then, you are good to go!

Concluding this review:

Guitars are instruments that need time, dedication, attention, and care. Let me remind you again, that proper training from the right source is crucial. Otherwise, all your time and dedication will go to waste.

String Ninja is going to take you through carefully designed practice sessions. Believe it or not, but from the very first sight, it is obvious that a great amount of effort and work has been put into these lessons. This comes in comparison to all other lessons available on the internet.

Our final score for this lesson pack:

Considering the user reviews over the internet, the effectiveness, and the overall quality, I can safely say that this lesson packs your one-stop solution for learning the guitar.

While calculating the final score, I had to surf across a huge variety of lessons. You already know that the internet is filled with them right? One of the peculiar things that I noticed about this lesson pack, is that the lessons stick to the topic under discussion. On the other hand, in most of the other lessons, the instructors tend to drift away from the topic. Useless details in any lesson pack would make it extremely boring for a beginner to pursue. I personally think that the makers of String Ninja specifically knew about this drawback in other lesson packs. So we can say that it is specially designed by a team of professional musicians, to help the new learners out there.

Considering this all, I would personally give it a final score of 9.8/10.

Indeed, as I previously said, this lesson pack lives up to its publisher’s reputation.

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