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Salsa dancing moments are very special. But that is if you know exactly how to move. You do not have to pay so much to instructor who are in a rush and they will not give you exactly what you want. This is why you need SalsaDancing Courses.
When you hear of SalsaDancing Courses it is a product that contains everything you need to know about Salsa dances. It contains clear tips and step by step instructions that you need to train for Salsa. This guide contains all salsa styles that you might be interested in.
Another thing is that the guide is easy to understand and can be use by both men and women.

Emily Estrella’s Salsa Dancing Courses

I love to watch Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing with the Stars and pretty much any talent show where dancers can appear and strut their stuff. I even like to think of myself as one of the judges.

Do I know how to dance? Not in the least.

Do I convince myself that I’m going to sign up for dance classes the very next day? You betcha.

Do I fulfill this impulsive burst of motivation to do what my two left feet can never imagine doing? Nope.

We’ve all been there so I don’t feel too bad for never signing up for those classes. We have work, then school and then taking care of the people in our lives whom we cherish so dearly. There is never a moment to spare.

If there is that free moment for ourselves, our favorite snack in hand, we catch up on our current favorite show…even though sometimes the irony is our favorite show involves something we are dying to try ourselves. Something like learning how to salsa.

Salsa Dancing Practice

But even if you do manage to convince yourself to sign up for those classes there is always that fear. That huge paralyzing fear that maybe you were judging too harshly all the performers on television because it’s not as easy as it looks. And you’re going to slip and fall on your…who am I kidding, any type of falling in public is mortifying no matter what you land on.

We can always learn from watching, right?

What is this all about?

Emily Estrella’s Salsa Dancing Courses are possibly the answer to our introverted, time-conscious problems. I’m going to review this offer and by the end of this, you can make an educated decision on whether you will be buying this chance to pick up one of your biggest hobbies.

She has been dancing professionally for 13 years. This certified instructor took it upon herself to provide for a market that wanted to learn without having to attend expensive lessons. This course took her years to produce.

What do you get?

The 5-year production is a compilation of four different dance styles that are geared to teach any beginner with ease and from the comfort of your own privacy. The courses are available through downloads, online streaming, and even DVDs. This pretty much eliminates my excuses for never having learned this Latin American inspired dance, not that I’m complaining.

But for how much?

For a limited special offer of $49, you get:

  • Over 6 hours of video lessons that teach the basic steps and then guides you through more complicated Salsa dance patterns. You will cover the foundations and be ready to dance some of the most popular moves.
  • Step-by-step Salsa video dance instruction presented in an easy-to-follow, fun, social and energetic way.
  • 3 different teachers covering 4 styles of salsa dancing – Cali Style, Cuban “Casino” style, New York “Mambo” Style and the popular Miami Style.
  • Suitable for BOTH beginners and intermediate dancers as well as men and women routines. The video lessons are for various difficulty levels. Covering every aspect of what Salsa is all about.
  • Master the fundamentals of Salsa with timing and footwork – Step by step instruction on how to get fun patterns going…
  • All lessons introduce a sequence of steps, drills them individually and as a combination, and then puts them to music.
  • With the unique, state-of-the-art multiple angle feature, it gives you the ability to watch lessons from three different views. You get a complete 360 view in every lesson.

There are some bonus extras that are on offer when you buy while the special offer stands:

Bonus # 1 – 12 video series which is termed as “Combinations, Solo Styling, and Performances.” After watching this series, you would be able to learn individual styling moves for both men and women, learn new dance combinations, follow the leader correctly, take a cue from seasoned salsa dancers, and finally, master upbeat combinations that may appear challenging to even seasoned professionals. The value of this video tutorial is $39.95 but it is being offered free with the course.


Bonus # 2 – One on one private session with Emily herself. This is via the means of an email or skype chat. In case you have a query and you are unable to find the answer to the same, you can always chat with the creator of this program and seek an immediate answer. The cost of such a private coaching session if $20 per hour but in your case, it is absolutely free for the first 2 years. The limit of such a private coaching session is 1 hour per day.

Bonus # 3 – Free lifetime updates, wherein you have the distinct privilege of getting automatic updates to the existing program without paying an additional fee for the same. The updates are in the form of a downloadable file. The price for such updates is $10 per membership plan per month but for now, it is being offered free for members

Bear in mind that lessons can cost from $50 to $110 per week. This means Emily is offering the comprehensive beginner’s guide for the cheapest rate for one week worth of lessons. It’s hard to argue with that kind of a deal. On a monetary value front, this is a great offer jam-packed with a lot of goodies.

Self Employed Woman Or Student Working In A Restaurant

More obvious pros

  1. Easy to understand

It took five years so you can imagine the level of detail that went into producing the course video. The aim was for easy understanding and the instructors take their time to explain to you each movement and most importantly why you are moving a certain way at certain times. It also doesn’t hurt that each style has guest instructors slowly helping you develop the right foot movements to help you flow with the music.

  1. 4 Salsa Styles

You can learn the Miami Style which evolved in Florida thanks to Cuban migrants. This is performed on a downbeat in back steps moving diagonally. There is also the Cali Style which is also known as the Columbian style which gives preference to footwork and rapid footsteps. This one is popular at parties and festivals.

The New York “Mambo” Style is included. This energetic style involves a lot of spins, and turns. And lastly, this offer gives you a chance to master the Cuban Casino Style which is influenced by the Cuban dance form.

Latin Dancing

  1. 16 Fun Tracks to get you on Track

Another benefit that comes with this course is the 16 tracks of music. The 70 minutes of high-quality audio features recognizable artists and will help take your newly acquired steps to another level.

  1. Men and Women Dance Forms

I am also thrilled that they include both men and women dance forms, now significant others have no excuse as to why they don’t want to join you. This is also something extra for professional dancers. You can never stop learning.

  1. Step at your own pace

It’s easier to learn something faster at your own pace and the fact that the instructions are presented in a straightforward format to encourage you to pick up the dance in a matter of days rather than months. Did I mention it is a video so that means you can easily pause and rewind to master tricky bits?

  1. Different angles for a full understanding

The best part of all of this is that it has been filmed from different angles to help you understand better. The more you can visualize the easier it will be to grasp the concepts.


While it is obvious that the introverts are taking over the world, this presents a major downside to the point of learning something new. Like most hobbies, these lessons are a way to socialize. The concept of doing it alone is one for dignity-preservation is all well and fine but at what cost.

Dancing on the street

So if you want to master the steps so you don’t look like pig walking on its hind legs with two left feet then, by all means, go ahead and learn at home. But I do recommend that after gaining your confidence you should sign up for some classes. This will allow you to dance with a variety of partners who share the same interest as you. And the classes even hold parties to further engage your developing skills.

Another minor issue I have with this course is that while it is probably the most well-done video course for salsa available, it is not made specifically for you. It lacks that one-on-one instruction that ensures you’re doing the right thing or encourages you when you feel like you just can’t get your body to cooperate.

Which brings me to my largest reservation. Nod with me if you have an exercise machine that seemed like a steal because you thought “Hey, beats going to the gym” but you actually don’t use it anymore. Heck, I have a jump rope I bought for light cardio that I never use.

Teaching Salsa

Long story short (because clearly, I don’t have the energy and time to waste listing all my failed resolutions) there’s always that fear that you’ll buy a something that you’ll throw aside.


I guess, in essence, what I’m trying to say with this review is there’s a reason why if you search for “salsa dancing” the first half of the searches are videos, followed by images. There’s a reason when you watch performers you’re blown away. It’s in action. It is a fluid culture born from the contagious, possibly infectious, tapping of the feet and one day you have to give into it and try it.

Ballroom Dancing

That one day is most likely going to start with Emily’s Salsa Dancing Courses because at the end of the day, even if you quit this obsession and it gathers dust in your closet or you succeed and learn every step but never leave your house or dance to the catchy beat at your cousin’s wedding with your new found skills, this might be the best $50 bucks you can invest in your interest.

Better try this out than actually paying more than $50 per week for something you’re going to give up on because you can’t see progress fast enough, or the instructor has too many students or one day you flip and fell during class and now you can’t face your classmates again even though it had taken you so long to find a class with people you were comfortable being around.

This is a great deal that took 5 years to produce. Something born out of sheer passion and while the dance is electrifying, I believe it was that dedication that motivates you to try doing something you thought is for the nimble.


There’s No Better Time To Start Learning How To Salsa Dance Than Right Now, And You Can Join The SalsaDancingCourses Today By Clicking This Link And Get To Learning!


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