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It is called the Guitar Scale Mastery. This is a guide that is created to help you understand all guitar scales leaving you more than a pro in playing a guitar. The product is organized from all the skills and advice collected from the best guitar instructors.
The whole program looks at a guitar in different levels that are necessary when you are a learner. You finger, the eyes, the strings and even the body. Helping you master the best tricks in playing the instrument. What makes it even better it is its compatibility and simplicity to use.


Graig, 36 years is an accomplished guitar player.  He has been playing instruments for 28 years, and 8 out of which he has been playing the guitar.  Graig schooled in Massey University New Zealand, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance.

Teacher in music and students

Also, Graig has been teaching music.  He has coached a lot of people on guitar in high schools, at music schools, through the internet, at Master classes, and he has also offered private coaching.

Guitar Scale Mastery

This course adopts an entirely different approach to teaching.  It focuses on embedding the knowledge of guitar scales in the learner’s mind.  It is a good beginner teacher.  The course arrives as a three-year membership site.  It contains the following components:

  • The guitar scale masterly system. The course gives you straightforward teaching, with a lot of theory backed by actual training exercises.
  • 72 guitar scale activators that are backing tracks which are enhanced to imprint the scales in the learner mind.

The course will be of help to you if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • You would want to learn to play the guitar, but you are overwhelmed by all the scales you need to learn. The number of all scales you could learn are very many.  This can frustrate and overwhelm you and kill your enthusiasm to learn.
  • You do not know how to use the scales musically. Many fans of guitar playing cannot make music playing solo.  There is no harmony in their scales.  They have no idea how to harmonize the scales to make them musical and enjoyable.
  • You have a problem visualizing scales clearly over the whole freeboard. This is very frustrating.  One feels like they are fixated on one part of the keyboard when they solo.
  • You play scales, but you do hear them. This mostly happens because you have not internalized completely the sounds of the scales that you are using.  As a result, your solo sounds very mechanical and unmusical.  It also follows that you cannot easily play by the ear and you cannot be confident in your playing.
  • Some other people look at scales as patterns and not notes. This is a mistake that many players make.  They are not able to associate the notes and their scales.  Mastery of the scales is instrumental in understanding which scale to use when you have to improvise.
  • You are not able to move effortlessly through the different parts of the fret board. This lack of fluidity makes your playing rigid, disjointed and unmusical.
  • You are not able to apply scales in real-life situations. Many guitarists find it hard to fit in with their fellow musicians using the scales that they have learned.  It becomes hard for them to adapt their knowledge of the scale to a new situation that is not familiar.  They lack spontaneity.  You always feel as if you are missing a place of the puzzle.

Colorful guitar


Ears:  Learning this skill leads to internalizing the sounds of the scale.  You can associate each scale with its sound.

Eyes:   This refers to your ability to visualize the whole fret board at any given time.  This means that you do not think about the scales regarding patterns.  You can visualize all the note of the scales without having to think too hard.


Fingers:  The fingers stand for your playing technique.  Are you able to physically play the scale on any part of your fret board?  A proper technique requires that you can play the scale beginning with any note, any string, and any position.

Intellect:  This refers to the rational understanding of the scale.  You should at least understand three basic things:

  • What are the notes in the scale?
  • What scale are degrees on the scale?
  • Where can the scale be used?

Application:  Application refers to the player’s ability to use the scale in a musical way.

(If you lack any of the skills above, it means that you have not mastered the scales fully.  You have not internalized the scales.  It follows that improvisation using the scales in a musical way is a big challenge for you, if not impossible!)

The problem with most of the scale learning method is:

  • You become overwhelmed with all the amounts of scale fingerings they require you to learn.
  • They demand that you memorize the scale fingerings without any clear indication of how you can do it.
  • They tell you that you have to learn things about all the 12 keys. This only leads to frustration.
  • They move you too quickly. They have you learning new scales without having any mastery of the old ones.
  • They will mostly indicate what you need to learn without guiding you about how to learn it.

The pdf comes with a premium membership card with the following benefits:

Member Benefit One:  The guitar scale mastery system

Man playing guitar

This section seeks to teach you the system that Graig uses to internalize scales.  Once you understand the system, you will be able to apply to any scale that you want to learn.  The guitar scale masterly system will help you in the following ways:

  • You will internalize the scale until they become the very part of you.
  • You will be in good a position to use the scales spontaneously and instinctively.
  • You will learn to improve with all scales on any part of the fret board.
  • You will boost your confidence as a guitar player.
  • You will improve your fluidity and speed.
  • Your solo will become more natural and musical.
  • You will get with other musicians more effortlessly.

The pdf includes five main parts:  Graig refers to them as weapons.  Let us briefly review the weapons.

Module one

Single String Scales:

Although this method of learning is the most neglected, it is the most efficient for a scales learner.  Some of the things that you will learn from the section are:

  • A particular six step memorization process. This will allow you to have a complete understanding of the note names and scale degrees of all scales in the fret board.  This dramatically improves your solo.
  • You will get an in-depth understanding of practical fundamental technique exercises. The exercises help you to visualize all intervals within the scale.  What follows is that you understand better all the scales that you have to learn.  The exercises boost your ability to be fluid and to improve the synchronization between your hands.(Better improvisation, better speed, improved technique)
  • You will get a mastery of 42 different sounding melodies patterns. Internalization of melodic motifs is a very invaluable skill for any guitar player.  It is not possible to improve in a musical way, even for an accomplished player.  Mastery of the melodic motifs will also go a long way to improving your solo.
  • The book will teach you how to create your first single string exercises. You will consequently become more conversant with your solo and make them more enjoyable.
  • You will be more comfortable in combining melodic patterns. Your overall speed will improve significantly, and you will see an improvement in your memorization of licks and solos.
  • You will get to know the 12 super exercises that will boost your learning of the scales. The result is that you will effortlessly internalize the sound of 8 unique melodic patterns.  This will improve the independence of your fingers, your speed of playing, ability to shift positions and your ability to synchronize your hands.

Learn Guitar Scale Mastery, and start really understanding the scales, learning how to memorize them, and how to later on play them on your guitar!

Module two

Two strings Scales:

The two strings scale approach to scale learning is phenomenal.  It is a combination of the benefits of single string scales with the advantages of scale patterns that are more conventional.  The take away from this section will be:

  • Visual patterns. Visible parts are incredible visual tools that will boost your solo in various keys much more quickly.  You will become much better in solo in all the 12 keys.
  • The six steps method in mastering visual patterns. You will imprint the visual patterns in your brain, which will help you to solo more freely.
  • 20 incredible two strings exercise. These exercises will empower you to improve your alternative picking, your hammer-ons, your pull-offs and consequently your overall technique.  You will be able to solo on any part of the fret board.

Module three

Three-note-per-string scales

This is one of the superior approaches known to boost your speed and fluidity.  You will learn any scale on the whole keyboard. The strength of this tactic is that it goes well with any music.  The take away from this section will be:

  • You will be in a position to create your unique three-note-per-string fingerlings. You will have the confidence to construct fingerlings for any single scale.
  • A four-step method for memorizing any scale fingering. You will be taught how easily you can permanently imprint any fingerling on your brain. You will, in turn, learn any scale much faster.
  • You will be taught eight foundational exercises using the three-note-per-string method. These activities are formulated to program the scale fingerlings quickly into your muscle memory. Yu become better at alternative picking, pull-offs as well the hammer-ons.
  • You will be taught eight practical triad arpeggio exercises. Combining arpeggio exercises and scales together musically is a challenge for many guitarists. The exercises will enable you to visualize diatonic triad arpeggios on the scales fingerlings.  You will become better at integrating arpeggios into your playing, consequently making your solo more melodic and enjoyable.
  • You will gain knowledge of 8 distinct 7th arpeggio exercises. You will, in turn, be able to program nice sounding arpeggios into your fingers. Your picking and fret-hand techniques will improve significantly.
  • You will master eight intervallic exercises. The exercises are unique, and they will significantly improve your string skipping.
  • You will learn the application of melodic patterns to varied fingerlings. The use of the melodic patterns will boost your overall techniques, knowledge of the scale and your improvisation ability.
  • Module four
  • Ear training:
  • Your training will save your solo from sounding rigid, unmusical and stiff. Ear training will unlock your musicality. This is because music is sound and therefore if your hearing improves, your music improves too.  This is what you will take away from this section:
  • The four-step process of year training efficiently. Using these scales will lead you to master your sound of scales more quickly and a bit faster.
  • Four foundation exercises. These exercises will stamp the sound of any scale on your brain more quickly.
  • What if you cannot sing a note at all? You will realize what you need to do in this section.
  • Eight pivot exercises. These exercises will help you know how every note of a particular scale sounds like.
  • You will be taught how to sight sing 32 different melodies without having to study music. Your soloing will be much better since the sound every scale will be permanently imprinted on your brain.
  • Two incredible reinforcement exercises. These exercises will improve your mastery of the sound of a scale.

Module five

Fifth scale weapon:

This section allows you to gain experience of using the scales that you have learned.  The following will help you to not only internalize your scales but also apply the knowledge in an actual musical way:

  • Focused lick creation
  • Focused improvisation
  • Gesturing

Member benefit two: guitar scale activators

These are exclusive tracks. They are programmed to activate the sound of any single scale that you have been practicing.

 Member Benefit Three

Band Player

The course is going to be very flexible.  You will receive new content and lesson updates regularly.  The course is meant to evolve over time, and you will be a beneficially of this growth.  The updates will come to you at no extra cost.

You will find a guitar scale system beneficial for you if you:

  • Are intelligent to realize that mastering scales will take you and effort. There is no magical trick.
  • You have mastered the tablature (TAB)
  • You enjoying playing the guitar and you are willing to are put in hard work.
  • You have beginner’s knowledge of scales, and you are already in the knowledge of fingerings. This, however, is not to say that you should be an expert at scale
  • You are open to new things and are willing to open your mind to new things. The course will introduce to you some unique strategies.
  • You are a beginner guitarist, and you would love to become advanced.

The course brings with it with some bonuses

Bonus number 1:  Pentatonic Guitar Success

Guitar at the top of the hill

Reviews show that this bonus is designed for that guitarist who wants to go beyond just playing well.  These are the things you will learn from this bonus:

  • Essential music theory. This will make you  become  a much better musician,
  • 84 melodic ideas in five different fingerlings. Through this bonus, you will boost your soloing vocabulary.  You will also possess a complete mastery of all the five fingerlings.  Your soloing will be more advanced with pentatonic.
  • 48 single-string-linear exercises. You will be taught how to shuttle between different pentatonic fingerlings effortlessly.
  • 216 two string linear exercises. You will significantly improve your fret and hand picking technique.

Bonus number 2:  Scale degree Masterly

This is a 76-page pdf guide that reveals specific exercises that will boost your mastery of the art of scale degree visualization.  From the bonus you will learn:

  • What scales degrees are.
  • You will be taught the benefits of learning scales level display.
  • 48 linear visualization exercises. This will boost your visualization of master scale on a single string.
  • 54 incredible cross string visualization exercises. These exercises will enable you to visualize scale degrees across multiple strings at the same time.  This skill will allow you to boost your ability to learn master scales, chords, and arpeggios


  • Ease of use.
  • Compatibility
  • Support: support is accorded through email from Graig himself
  • No risk: the course comes with money back guarantee
  • Bonuses: the course comes with several bonus eBooks and updates.
  • Your money remains safe in click back until two months are over. This clears all doubt about the e-book being a scam.


  • The book is not appropriate for beginners. If you buy it, ensure that you can pick out notes and you have some knowledge of chords.
  • Also, buy the book with the knowledge that it has no videos for demonstration.
  • Reviews give the course very high recommendations’ did not find a single review that suggested that the e-book could be a scam.

Get your copy of Guitar Scale Mastery right here, and start playing your guitar better than you’ve ever played by following the step-by-step training today!


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