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Beat Generals is by far, the most effective source of learning how to make amazing beats. By covering all the modern aspects of beats making in FL Studio, this program provides learners an easy path towards making a great fortune out of music. It offers a range of easy tutorials that are periodically updated, along with sound kits allowing one to make amazing beats on the go! In conclusion, it is the one-stop solution for both beginners and intermediates to learn how to make epic beats.

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Are you extremely passionate about making beats that get everyone’s heart racing in a party? From my personal experience, learning how to make beats is extremely enjoyable. So you are certainly going to have a really nice time learning.

Once you become as good as others out there, you can either pursue it as a hobby or you can start making a living out of it. Yes, a good living out of the impressive beats you could make. How awesome is that?

However, when most beginners start learning beats they face confusion due to a vast number of learning sources out there. A lack of enough guidance prevents most music enthusiasts from getting themselves into the arena. Moreover, most beginners think that the equipment required to produce such music is extremely expensive. Well, trust me that you do not really need a lot to begin.

Let me remind you one thing though, if you would go about making beats without proper guidance, you are likely to stay stuck at the bottom level! Being unable to make good beats, you might want to give up too soon. Most beginners stay away from online tutorials because of their bad experiences. Well, not every tutorial on the internet is good enough! You might have to look around a lot in order to find the right source of beats guidance.

Well, here is the good news! I’ve already surfed across hundreds of sources, and have figured out the best beats learning source for you. In fact, this is what’s hot in the beats production industry today! It’s the quite popular, Beat Generals! And that is what this review is about.

What is Beat Generals?

It is an online beats learning program, that is creatively designed for all the beginners and music enthusiasts out there. It is a collection of tutorials, sound kits, updates, and support allowing you to step directly into the world of music production. The tutorials surface around the use of FL Studio, for creating beats. Now you might already know the FL Studio is the most sought after in the beats production industry.

A screenshot describing the Beat Generals program

So before you go about purchasing the Beat Generals program, I would suggest you download FL Studio beforehand. I urge you to do this so that you can immediately get in on your path towards becoming a remarkable beat maker. Who knows what good fortune might be waiting for you.

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Without wasting any more time, I’d like to take you straight to its features!

What does Beat Generals offer?

Video tutorials

The video tutorials that are included in this package contain more than 2500 HQ videos taking you deep into the world of music production. These tutorials will teach you how to make professional level beats for your music. After going through these tutorials, you will be left with no doubts at all. So brace yourself! All the answers to your questions regarding FL Studio and beat production are included in these tutorials that cover just about every aspect of making beats.

Sound Kits

There are links to a great number of great quality studio-level drum beats available for you in this program. It will allow you to start with your own music quickly. Moreover, there are full project files also available. You can make use of these to end up with just the sort of music that you are looking to make.

Monthly Updates

Well if you have a little knowledge about the world of music making, you would know that it is constantly undergoing a change. New equipment, new styles of music, and new production techniques keep emerging out every day. So in order to stay in line with the competition, it is extremely important for a learner to stay updated with the latest news and trends. And this is one of the rare features it offers. The tutorials in this program are constantly updating each month. Every month, you will see new tutorials that can help you in increasing the scope of your music production.

Professional Support

While learning on your own through the use of tutorials is highly effective and enjoyable, there are certain points where one ends up facing glitches of some sort. This is just a possibility let’s say. The best thing about it is that you will get 24-hour professional support from a team of highly qualified individuals. Hence, you do not have to worry about sticking at any point. After going through a lot of different reviews on the internet, I can safely say that most users are pretty happy with it. Most of them claim having encountered no glitches at all. However just to let you know, a support team is always there at your assistance. And this is one of the main things I love about it. Such care and concern is what drives new learners like you towards a road of great fortune.

What are the benefits you get when you buy Beats Generals program

You can learn how to make awesome beats

As a learner looking forward to produce music, your aim should not only to be able to make decent beats. Rather, you should train yourself to make the most kickass beats out there! The Beats Generals program will allow you to unlock your real potential, that his hidden away at this point. Soon, you will be able to make everyone dance on your fingertips by producing epic beats. Not only that, you will actually be able to make beats that sell! Yes, you read that right. There are a great number of users who have entered into the world of professional music producing, with the help of this program.

You will not need expensive equipment

A lot of aspiring music producers, stay back from getting started because they do not have enough money to buy expensive equipment.

These young talented lads do not know, that they can still produce music without all the funds. This is where Beats Generals helps learners out. Did I mention that it is your one-stop solution for learning? This means that you would not need any extra equipment other than your laptop and pair of speakers/headphones of course.

It offers you great sound kits, that which you can use as a base to build your music on. Using the resources included in this program, you can make countless tracks of music. And that is yet another thing that I love about this entire package.

The tutorials are easy to follow

Another advantage is that you can follow these tutorials at your own pace. Unlike other learning sources out there, no one will force you to spend an hour or 30 minutes of your time every day. Instead, you can simply proceed whenever you like. Moreover, the tutorials are carefully designed by a team of professionals, as I have already mentioned earlier. Hence, it rules out almost all possibilities of going wrong. While using these tutorials, you will have no fears of being on the wrong path. Within a short amount of time, you will be creating impressive beats to surprise your audience.

It is beginner friendly

I have figured out another important thing after reading reviews about many learning sources over the internet. Usually, other learning sources tend to jump right to the complex stuff while assuming that you already know a lot about music production. But this program starts right from the basics. If you are an intermediate learner, you can simply skip out the basic tutorials. However, if you are completely new to this field, then it contains all that you need to start.

Having said that, you do not need any prior music background or knowledge in order to get started with this program. Isn’t that a wonderful news?

How to get the most out of this program?

Give it enough time

As I have already mentioned, there are quite a good number of tutorials available in this program. In order to go through them and to become a professional level beats maker, you must be willing to give time. Well, it is impossible to gain anything without giving it proper time, isn’t it? Time and energy are what it requires if you want to reach your goal, like every other thing on this planet.

Moreover, planning your time properly is also important. You should know which tutorials to skip the past, and which to go through depending on your knowledge.

Don’t forget to renew your monthly subscription

The Beat Generals program runs on a monthly subscription basis. So do not forget to renew it in order to avoid disruption in your learning process.

Be enthusiastic about working on FL Studio

This learning program basically makes use of FL Studio. Now FL Studio is one of the most popular music making software out there. FL Studio is what all the tutorials in this learning program revolve on. So in case you are not enthusiastic about working on FL Studio, you might feel difficulties. So get on your mark, and install FL Studio before you buy this program so that you can begin immediately. Also, do not give yourself some time to get comfortable with the FL Studio interface. Once you are comfortable with it, you will find it extremely easy and effective to learn from this package.

Our final score for the Beat Generals program?

Well, we have had a detailed look at all the features that this program offers to new learners. So it is quite obvious that this program can fully change the way you think about beats and music. In other words, it will contribute a lot towards your creativity, allowing you to create amazing beats on the go! Moreover, the customer support that it offers is just great. It provided to ensure that your learning process does not stop in between. Considering this all, I would personally give it a final score of 9.7/10 which is quite exceptional.

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